Femaninjas are a collective that raises funds and awareness for non-profit organizations through art, and fosters active participation in social issues.


In 2017, the “Battlefield 1” exhibition featured more than 20 female-identifying artists selling affordable artwork as well as, live painting battles, hair braiding, and face painting.  More than $4,000 was raised for Planned Parenthood NYC Votes in a single evening.   


In 2020 their focus turns to the environment and local non-profit initiatives to promote sustainable practices and to fight climate change here in NYC. 

Billion oyster project

Femininjas has chosen to support the Billion Oyster Project because they are an organization that directly improves New York City’s sustainability and local ecosystem. 


The Billion Oyster Project's mission:

“By 2035, one billion live oysters will be distributed around 100 acres of reefs, making the Harbor once again the most productive waterbody in the North Atlantic and reclaiming its title as the oyster capital of the world.”  To date they are responsible for: “30,000,000 oysters restored = 19.7 trillionGallons of water filtered = 72,500 Pounds of Nitrogen removed = 1,400,000 shells reclaimed & recycled.”

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